Q: How does the club membership work?

A: Our membership is based on an annual renewal in December. If, for instance, you joined in July, you would receive the January through July issues for the current year and then the remaining issues published in the current year. You would then need to renew in December of the current year. We distribute a newsletter 6 times per year.  In past years we have published a Member’s Handbook and Machine Register.  This booklet lists all members who want to be listed, their AMC motorcycles, and indicates if they can help fellow members with parts, advice and/or photos.  The ‘About‘ page has a link to the membership application, near the bottom of the page.

Q: I’m not a club member, but I have AJS/Matchless bike(s) or part(s) that I’d like to sell. How can I contact interested parties?

A: The AJSMOC accepts advertisements in our printed newsletter from non-club members for the purpose of selling AJS and/or Matchless specific parts. We reserve the right to publish these at our discretion, if we have the time and space. Contact the newsletter editor for more information. His name and address is listed at the bottom of the contacts page.  Alternately, you can offer the item for sale on our classified page.

Q: I’d like to obtain information on the exact year of my AJS/Matchless motorcycle. How do go about obtaining that information?

A: The parent club maintains many of the original factory shipping records and will research your bike for a small fee.  Visit the UK club page for more information.

Q: Where can I obtain NOS parts for my AJS/Matchless motorcycle?

A: Both the North American Section and the Parent Club sell reproduction parts which are made to the original specifications.  The North American Section parts list can be viewed online at our spares page.   The parent club also has NOS and used parts available as well.