Welcome to the home page of the North American section of the AJS & Matchless Owners Club.

Our section was founded in 1982, when Matt Fevang wrote to the AJS & Matchless Owners Club in the UK inquiring about starting a North American section. They encouraged him to do so and sent Matt a list of the 39 North American residents who belonged to the AJS & Matchless Owners Club, UK.  Matt typed a two-page proposal suggesting that a Section be started in North America. The response was almost unanimous and the majority of these 39 people became our “founding members”.  Many are still with us and are staunch supporters of the more than 500 US and Canadian members of the North American Section.

Our membership is quite geographically distributed, so we do not have regular meetings as other clubs do, although we usually have a good representation of members at various vintage events like Mid-Ohio in July and Barber’s in October.   While we represent North American members, our membership is not limited to those who reside in North America. Please write to the Club Secretary listed on the Contacts page for international information.

Our membership dues are affordable and payable in US or Canadian funds.  See the Membership Application form for the latest prices.  Included in your dues are:

globul1a.gif (96 bytes) 6 issues of the full color Matchless News, our club newsletter. We have technical articles, informative letters from fellow members, tips on part sourcing, an Autojumble (parts and bike classifieds, free to members), and listings of Coming Events, plus beautiful color photos.
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) The North American Section as well as the parent club in the UK contract outside suppliers to create hard-to-find parts to factory specifications, all at reasonable prices.  The North American listing is updated periodically in the Matchless News and is now listed on our Spares page.  Contact the UK club directly by clicking on their link for their spares information.
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) Option to purchase a comprehensive members directory (check the application form for the latest prices). This directory includes most members and for those who wish to include it, a listing of their bikes.  Many members include an assistance code that identifies if the member can supply technical help, spare parts, or literature.
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) A comprehensive list of spare parts suppliers, service suppliers, and reference books specifically geared towards the AJS & Matchless marquis.
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) Access to the Parent Club’s dating service (no, not that kind of dating). The UK club has many of the original shipping records and can provide accurate proof of manufacture for title purposes.
globul1a.gif (96 bytes) You can also purchase past copies of the Matchless News. There is a small supply of back issues from various years, please check the membership application for the list of available years and price. So come on, give us a try, you won’t be disappointed! Please remit you funds in US or CDN dollars!