A.J. Stevens Photos

Jack Blundell, great grandson of Albert J. Stevens, graciously donated photos and other memorabilia to the AJS & Matchless Owners Club, North American Section. This material came to Jack from the estate of Ruby Mercedes Blundell, A.J. Stevens’ daughter and Jack’s grandmother. Some of what was donated had been scanned and provided here for your enjoyment. The originals are on loan to the AJS & Matchless Owners Club in the UK. Many, many thanks to Jack and Jacque Blundell for their willingness to donate these precious items.

ajs1.jpg (20396 bytes)

A photo of A.J. Stevens and J.D. Corke from the 1911 Time Trial races, Junior Division, Mr. Stevens is standing. Mr. Stevens placed 16th and Mr. Corke placed 15th.

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Another photo titled “Mr. A.J. Stevens on his AJS passing the Alcyon in the Junior TT (note the word Dad written on the photo)

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Another photo of the Isle of Mann, Mr. Stevens is standing 2nd to the right of the right-most rider, with the folded programme in his hands.

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A photo of the scoreboard at the Isle of Mann, 1911

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An interesting cover of a greeting card titled “Blessing of the Machines at the church of St. Mary of Eton, Hackney, Wick”

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Mr. Stevens on a postcard.

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A beautiful black and white photo of a Stevens motorcycle.

ajs8.jpg (13219 bytes)

Same bike in color