1959 AJS Model 14

These motorcycles are fun to ride and relatively cheap to obtain. Although called lightweights, at over 300 lbs, one would hardly consider that description to be accurate. Neither were many other British 250cc four strokes of the period, although the AMC engine is superior to most. Parts availability is good. Many of the cycle parts were from AMCís James. Some of the Jamesí parts include: Mudguards, tank, hubs, forks, headlight nacelle, seat, handlebars, swingarm, and taillight. The later models used teledraulic forks which are not unlike the 1 1/8" forks used on the larger bikes in the early 50ís and much superior to the James style shown here. The engine was new to the AMC line in 58/59 and is not of unit construction as it would appear. The principal complaint were their reliability was centered on their poor WIPAC 6 volt electricís. The alternator puts out 12 volts (but not many amps) and they are easily converted (as this one is) to one of the available solid state ignition systems. This is not an entirely correct restoration. The front mudguard, license plate, and taillight belong on a BSA. The color scheme on an export model would have been light blue petrol tank and side covers, with gold badges. The NOS seat should have blue and some white piping rather than red.