1947 Matchless G80

Nothing sporty about these early postwar AMC singles, but they were functional and very reliable. Except for the black paint (vs. military green) and a tiny bit of chrome and cadmium plating, these postwar singles are very similar to the much-loved 350cc G3L ridden by the British forces during WWII. (The early postwar G80 is sometimes referred to as the G80L, and as on the 350cc version, the "L" indicates Teledraulic front suspension, as opposed to the pre-war girder front forks). The 350's & 500's shared the same long stroke, differing only in the bore size (3 1/4" for the 500's). The AJS 500cc equivalent was the model 18 and the 350cc version the model 16. This 1947 G80 was restored to original condition in 1984 based on close inspection and numerous photographs of an identical new, unridden, 1946 G80 displayed in the Lester Wheel Museum, Deerfield Beach, Florida.